Regarding shipping fees

The price of the artwork is displayed without shipping charges, and we will deliver the item by cash on delivery (COD).
Regarding the shipping cost, we will inform you after receiving your order or inquiry.

If you are not satisfied with the shipping fee, even after placing an order, please let us know, as we can cancel your order.
Please note that calculating the shipping cost automatically is not possible, as the size of the artwork may change depending on how it is packed, and the insurance fee may vary, making shipping charges complicated.

Estimated shipping fee

Shipping fee / Price 60Size 80Size 140Size 180Size 220Size 260Size
Hokkaido 1400 1800 2300 4500 7000 11300
Tohoku 1100 1300 2000 3700 5300 8700
Kanto 1000 1200 1900 2800 3800 5900
Shinetsu, Hokuriku, Tokai 1000 1200 1900 3200 4900 7800
Kansai 1100 1300 2000 3500 4900 7800
Chugoku, Shikoku 1200 1400 2200 3900 5700 8800
Kyushu 1400 1600 2300 4600 7100 11200
Okinawa 1400 1900 3600 7900 12600 21300
Size Total of 3 dimensions Weight
60 Up to 60cm Up to 2kg
80 Up to 80cm Up to 5kg
100 Up to 100cm Up to 10kg
140 Up to 140cm Up to 20kg
180 Up to 180cm Up to 60kg
220 Up to 220cm Up to 100kg
260 Up to 260cm Up to 180kg

MUSE Online store displays the prices of the artworks without shipping charges, and we deliver the items by COD (Cash on delivery).
On this page, we compare the shipping fees by region from various delivery companies and provide the highest amount as an “estimated fee”.
Therefore, please note that the actual shipping fee may fluctuate to some extent.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Thank you.